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How to sand Staircase Floor Sanding Partners Ltd

Sanding Staircases

One of our most frequent enquiries is: Can you sand my staircase? And our answer is: Yes certainly! Most floor sanding companies will not consider sanding staircases as they are notoriously difficult to do! Our team have been sanding and finishing staircases as long as they have been sanding floors therefore are well practiced in completing them.


Our Festool dust free hand sanding machines are used to sand the steps (treads) of the staircase and we use a small triangular precision hand scraper for the difficult to reach areas (such as the corners). Our sanding machines are designed to be used flat, therefore are not suitable to sand the uprights (risers) of the stairs and we must use our hand scraper for these areas (very labour intensive!) so you can expect some wood shavings when we are completing these works.

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