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Fire Hearth Removal

Sections of concrete, often found lying flush up to a chimney breast are the remains of a fire hearth. These are often unsightly and can range from small to very large. If you would like, we can complete a 'Fire Hearth Removal' for you. The first stage is for us to smash out the existing concrete and neatly dispose of the remaining rubble.

Next is to supply and fit the joists that are missing, as the concrete box was sat in place of these. Our team will ensure they are placed correctly and securely so they are ready to support the floorboards.

We decide what width your existing floorboards are and then select the closest width match (we can cut boards down to size) of our reclaimed pine floorboards. These are then 'Stitch' or 'Stagger' fit into the space to blend and hide the old fire hearth border. The team will then commence the floor sanding and finishing process and the result is a stunning natural wood floor from wall to wall.

Fire hearth finished.jpg
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