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Repairing Your Floor

Preparation is key, prior to floor sanding. To ensure a professional, successful floor sand, your floor will typically need some care and attention before we get to work on the sanding process. We start by walking all over the floor to check for squeaky/moving floor boards and then proceed to secure these. We first need to lift your boards to ensure a clear pathway before securing these back down using our Tongue Tite Screws. These screws have extremely small heads that are barely visible to the naked eye, allowing for a pleasing finished result that does not distract from the beauty of the wood itself.


Your floor is then checked meticulously for any protruding nails or staples that will need removing and any carpet tacks that may still be present. Any significant uneven areas of your floor will need to be levelled out. Our team correct this by lifting the affected boards and use wood to pack these up to the correct height before securing them back into place. Your floor is now ready for the fun part - the floor sanding!

Fire Hearth Removal
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