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Using the latest professional dust free equipment, we will sand your floor in a clean and efficient manner, repairing and refurbishing to a brand new state.

1. Preparation

Pine Floor

We begin by preparing the floor. This involves nailing down any loose boards and repairing any damaged boards. If necessary we will replace any board that cannot be repaired with reclaimed pine floor boards.

When preparation is complete we then start sanding the floor. Initially we use 24 grit sand paper on floors that have never previously been sanded then moving onto 36, 60 and 80 grid sanding paper, finishing off with the fine 120 grit.


To sand the edges we switch to smaller equipment for better control near skirting boards and walls to prevent any damage to skirting boards from bumping or scraping.

Oak floor

Sanding an oak floor takes more care and experience as generally the boards are not very thick. 
FSP have the experience required to look after you floor and restore it so that it looks like new. Depending on the condition of the floor, we start with 36 or 60 grid sanding paper, move to 80 and finish of with 120 grid. Before applying Varnish/Oil we use a buffing machine for a obtain a perfect finish.

Parquet floor

Parquet flooring is generally quite hard wearing and only requires low level maintenance form time to time.

Our expert staff can repair your parquet floor and bring it back to life. As the blocks are facing different directions this makes it more difficult to sand it without leaving sanding marks. We start with 60 grid sanding paper, 80 , 120 and for a perfect finish we use a buffer 150 grid disc.

Finger floor

Parquet flooring and finger flooring have similar processes of sanding and the methods used depends on the condition of the floor.

2. Repair

Floors and especially wooden floors undergo a large amount of wear and tear over the years. Our processes can eliminate scratches, stains and water damage to restore your floor to its former glory with an attractive polished finish.


4. Restoration

Do you have missing or damaged boards? We can repair and replace your floorboards and add a new seal to make your floor as good as new. 


5. Finishing​

Choose your finish, from lacquering, staining and wax oil. Ask us for our recommendations to suit your type of flooring. We use leading brands such as Bona, Junckers , Mono Coat Morrelles, osmos, Blancho and many more.

Why Choose Our Services?

Now with over 12 years experience

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You pay nothing till job is finished and you are 100% happy

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